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The BJC with the support of JP Morgan Chase have developed a new and exciting innovative IT work experience enterprise to provide individuals from disadvantaged communities in Dublin the opportunity for hands-on experience of an IT work environment.

Many young people face a labour market dilemma they cannot get a job without work experience, and they cannot get work experience because they do not have a job.  Young people coming from disadvantaged areas also have fewer opportunities to use personal and family networks to access work experience.  COVID-19 has made it more difficult for young people to access work experience due to the move to remote working. The Project aims to assist young people to overcome these barriers.

The project provides opportunities to enhance your digital skills by working on IT related projects in conjunction with employers and the support of mentors. It also provides an opportunity to develop your work environment soft skills in a professional setting.

Do you consider yourself technically-minded and enjoy problem-solving? 

Maybe you’re looking to transition into the IT sector?

– If “YES”, you’re in the right place!  –

We are open for 2023 RECRUITMENT and NEW PROJECTS are also welcomed!!
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Work Experience Enterprise (WEE) participants will gain first-hand experience of tools, programs, devices used by employers and will have the opportunity to acquire new skills as well as demonstrate their own unique skill-sets in real-world client/employer based scenarios. Participants will also learn how to implement effective collaboration and teamwork skills to work as a cohesive unit to accomplish the common goal, as well understanding the value of taking ownership and pride in delegated tasks.

Projects are requested and guided by actual employers in a range of IT areas, including but limited to web development, software development, databases and upon completion participants will have obtained the knowledge, confidence and authentic experience going forward. 

Recruitment open for Jan 2023 programme!!!


Employers that get involved with the Work Experience Enterprise (WEE) Project can expect to benefit significantly.

WEE Project provides real work experience to the candidates with an innovative and mutually beneficial environment that reduces or even mitigates risk and cost. Participants stand to gain insight, knowledge and experience, while employers will not only have the potential to gain new employees alongside a completed project, but also fresh perspectives and ideas from aspiring minds as they make the project a reality.

This will also offer room to use the WEE Project, to utilize its participants for collaboration, brainstorming and implementation of any future evolving and developing ideas or projects.

No risks to employer, reduced recruitment, training time and costs.

New projects welcome, contact Martina on keoghm@bmunjob.ie or via our Contact section.

The Talent Garden

Both participants and employers will have the pleasure to work together in the Talent Garden.

The Talent Garden, located in Glasnevin, Dublin, is a modern facility with a highly spacious and impressively well-designed interior that offers a unique coworking experience. With 350 members, the Talent Garden affords the opportunity to network and interact with like-minded, creative professionals and learners. These physical and virtual spaces are home for ideas and collaborations to thrive.

It also provides a friendly work environment that encourages networking between its members. The participants are invited to various networking events, where they can  increase connections with employers within the IT industry. 

Project News

Very exciting news update from Group 4… One of the participants has gained full time permanent
employment in Dealz, while another is just about to start on a Junior Developer apprenticeship with HSE, Sligo. We wish you guys the very best in your future! 🙂

The rest of the team are working on developing a website for Dublin City Council, for their StartUp Ballymun Project. The group delivered their client proposal along with the wireframes of the website to the employer over the past couple of weeks.

They have completed multiple soft skill modules including, Project Management, Communications, CV clinic, Team Building, and they have also completed specific skills workshops in Figma and WordPress.

We are looking forward to seeing the website and its impact on the StartUp project!!

Exciting updates as three of the participants have gained employment or apprenticeship, Conor is now a Database Administrator for a pharmaceutical company, Kemi is customer support for Zazzle while Jenny is Junior Developer on AWS Apprenticeship programme. We wish them every success in their future endeavours!!

The four remaining participants continued to work on the Digital Management Application for Carnegie Counselling Centre. They are at the development/coding stage, figuring out all sorts of issues, we would like to thank The Coderspot for mentoring the participants.

These participants continue to engage in the in various soft skill modules and are improving their technical skills with specific workshops on WordPress, Laravel, Visual Studio Code, XAMPP and many more.

Good luck with the coding, and we are looking forward to seeing the end product!!

Both groups are looking forward to the CV clinic with Kate from the Ballymun Job Centre and the mock interviews & project manage workshop from JP Morgan Chase in the coming weeks.

Group 2 finished on 5 th of August, the four participants have developed a website and a working database for BJC’s Ballyrunners project.

Over a period of four months, they successfully utilized and improved their soft skills, technical skills and presenting skills while being mentored by Microsoft and Ciarán a participant from previous group. Thanks for all your mentoring support.

One of the participants gained part-time employment as a Project Support Officer while the others are continuing to develop their skills and researching employment opportunities!

Group 1 of the Work Experience Enterprise project finished on the 3rd of June.  The four participants have completed the project work by utilizing their IT and soft skills.

In a short four-month period they have learned to work as a team, utilising the soft skills required, such as commitment, motivation, communication, determination, negotiation, and organisation skills. They have set a very high standard, by delivering a “working job seeking” web app for Ballymun Job Centre. 

The final task for the participants was to present their project back to the Employer Advisory Board members and the project Mentors; the presentation was delivered on the 2nd of June, in Hybrid mode, which allowed the participants the opportunity to showcase their work. A special thank you to the team mentors, Manus O Rourke and the Microsoft team for supporting the participants along the way.

We would like to wish the participants the very best in their future careers, they would be an asset to any IT company.


The WEE project for me was a superb program to be a part of. Engaging and challenging but at the same time a relaxed work environment with a really pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The WEE project offered me the chance to enhance my previous skills and strengthen my communication and teamwork capabilities. Idea's and creativity are always encouraged and helped me better understand developmental process in a real-world scenario.
Marcin Dalomis
This Programme will provide an enormous amount of experience, networking opportunities, soft skills improvement and many more! An opportunity you cannot miss!
Razvan Gheorghe
I joined the WEE project to get some experience in work environment, hoping that I could prove myself capable. I got more than I expected. I learned that the small tasks like organizing meetings and deciding as a group how best to complete a task were just as important as the main task of implementing a project. While challenging at times I found myself happier to have stepped up and completed each task we were given.
Ciarán Cannon

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